For Sale

Hartge H3 2.8

This car started as a 1993 E36 320i.  Full Hartge H3 conversion by Peak Performance in Paramatta.  This car is the closest you will get to a M3 4 door but very much more unique.
Offered for sale, as I am moving to England for 1-2 years.  If it is not sold, I will probably next upgrade brakes then put and M3 engine into it after I get back.  I have been quoted around $12,000 for addition of a supercharger and around $15,000 for an S50 conversion from Peak.   The car has 231k km on it at the moment, had extensive work by Peak at 200k.  Has not needed anything other than oil changes done in over a year.

The car has been modified to handle.  It goes flat around corners and the back will break gently and very controllably with the LSD.  The ride is firm and if you are looking for a comfortable limo, look elsewhere.  There is also slightly more connection with the engine due to the harder engine and transmission mounts as well as the Hartge cams.  Once the engine hits 3000rpm, it is all smooth as stock with better feel.

Calypso Red
Hartge Front and rear lips, Hartge rear spoiler
Hartge 11 spoke wheels; Falken FK452 tires 225/45R17 Front, 235/45R17 Rear (The fenders need to be rolled a bit more to fit 245/40R17s)

Beige leather Hartge seats
Full Hartge Instrumentation
Hartge steering wheel
Hartge gearshift lever
Hartge pedals
Hartge carpets
Switchblade key with remote and central locking

Nakamichi CD300 head with MP3 playback which has custom orange lighting to match BMW interior
Nakamichi PA350 amplifier
MB Quart speakers - 6x9 rear, 5 + 1 fronts

M50B20 engine bored/stroked to 2.8, Hartge cams and software
K&N pod filter
3.15 LSD - this has been the single best thing done for this car
Uprated  engine and transmission mounts
5 speed manual transmission with Rogue Engineering Octane Short shift kit

Eibach coil-over fronts, height adjustable rears
M3 Control Arms
Solid Front Control arm bushings
Powerflex Rear arm bushings
Uprated swaybars
Front and rear strutbraces
Front and rear shock mounting plate reinforcements
Steel covered Teflon brake lines

Heaps of extras:

Bentley and Chilton Manuals
Siemens MS40.1 diagram
101 Performance Projects for your BMW 3 series
2 Hartge Brochures in full colour (1 German, 1 English)
Service history folder

Extra Hartge roundels and badges
3 Oil filters
Original air filter box + attachments if the pod filter is too loud
Heater hose, VANOS and power steering lines
Original control arm bushing mountings should the ride be too firm
Miscellaneous nuts, bolts, gaskets
Hartge Aluminium strutbrace (has had one mounting hole welded.  When I put in the shock mounting plate reinforcements, the studs were too short to fit this back - hence the cheap one
Spare MS40.1 DME

3 minor parking lot dings, one front passenger side door, one rear driver side door, one on the wing mirror
Left foglight has been cracked, but still works
Engine runs quite rich in cold (<10 deg) weather but settles quickly as soon as engine is up to temperature
Driver's seat is starting to wear and will probably need re-upholstering in the next 2-3 years

I am looking for A$15,900, especially from enthusiasts who can care for this car properly.  There is a little bit more work that this car needs to make it absolutely tip-top, then whatever you want to spend on brakes and engine.  Much rarer than an M3.  Current registration to June 2010.  Please contact me on +447986271933 or email

Engine Bay - Hartge H3 engine covers

K&N Pod filter

Hartge Steering Wheel and instrumentation
231k, just had oil service
330km from half a tank

Nakamichi CD300 head with MP3, custom BMW orange lighting

Night shot of Nakamichi head - display doesn't actually look that amber in real life

Nakamichi PA350 amplifier

Beige Leather interior

Front Eibach coil-overs

Eibachs with Front Strut mount reinforcement plate

Hartge Strut brace and original air filter box  included, but not fitted


Bentley and Chilton manuals

Hartge booklets

Extra project book

Service file with last dyno from Peak Performance

Spare MS40.1 DME

Spare oil filters, switchblade key/remote, Hartge badges and roundels

Old control arm bushing mounts and original shifter

Original air filter box

All the extras in the boot